RSBANDBUpdate! 798 – The Lore Diggers

posted by on 9th October 2020, at 4:01pm | Discuss Article

In our 4th Archaeology lore deep dive we cover Warforge! What exactly was this deep cavern used for and why is there a forge in it? We dig deep. Also lore from the Kerapac track and all the news on Orthen which launches in 10 days. Plus bot websites go down.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Cireon, and Diana
Duration: 2:24:58

RSBANDBUpdate! 675 – A Memory of a Melody

posted by on 15th June 2018, at 5:52pm | Discuss Article

The Hall of Memories is here, it provides lore and a new click-intensive Divination training method. Also a roundup of the latest Mining & Smithing Q&A focusing on the debate around high level smithable armour. Also, RSBANDBUpdate! turns 13.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Dave
Duration: 2:11:40

RSBANDBUpdate! 651 – The Lore of RuneScape

posted by on 22nd December 2017, at 4:14pm | Discuss Article

Join us for this special episode of Update where we take a cruise through the lore of RuneScape. Starting with the beginning and RuneScape cosmology and then venturing through the ages to present day sixth age.

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Hosts: Shane and Colton
Duration: 1:43:42

  • RuneScape Cosmology
  • A Journey Through the Ages
  • What happened, prominent figures, and important quests.
  • Colton’s Pick: Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” album
  • What have we been doing?

Sliske’s Endgame – The finale for the much anticipated quest is here, does the hype live up to the actual Endgame? Plus a discussion on labrynth design. Also, a look back at Christmas 2005.

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Hosts: Shane, Colton, and Cireon
Duration: 2:12:10

RSBANDBUpdate! 532 – The Sentient Socks

posted by on 29th August 2015, at 4:25pm | Discuss Article

In The Light Within we put Seren back together and ultimately discuss storyline implications going forward. Some preferred, some not so much. As always with quest episodes, spoilers ahead ;).

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Earth (@Earth271072), and Draziw
Duration: 2:03:20

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