RSBANDBUpdate! 801 – The Spooky Muncher

posted by on 30th October 2020, at 4:17pm | Discuss Article

Halloween arrives with a new spooky Halloween hub at Draynor maynor. Miniquests, potatoes, bones, and plague soup abound for a collection of spooky tokens. Earn Death’s Scythe and other Halloween rewards. Plus a ninja strike focused on Slayer and bossing.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Earth
Duration: 1:30:25

RSBANDBUpdate! 693 – And One More Thing…

posted by on 12th October 2018, at 5:59pm | Discuss Article

‘Til Death Do Us Part: A reflection on the Halloween event, the RuneScape 3 Mobile beta, some final thoughts on RuneFest including the Mining and Smithing beta, and one more thing…

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:51:02

RSBANDBUpdate! 644 – Divination Disco

posted by on 3rd November 2017, at 4:34pm | Discuss Article

Another Dimension of the Damned finale date change, is it damned to failure? Ghost Stories of Gielinor, a return to traditional holiday events. And the new polling system gets a workout. Plus a collection of Mining & Smithing documents for your reading!

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Hosts: Shane, Tyco Elf, and Cireon
Duration: 2:17:35

We review the new Halloween update, discuss our joy of elite skilling outfits being added to game, and the groundbreaking new MacBook Pro laptops.

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Hosts: Shane, Mr. Bistro, and King Kulla
Duration: 1:33:17

RSBANDBUpdate! 590 – Smithing Mining Hairs

posted by on 21st October 2016, at 4:57pm | Discuss Article

We get a glimpse into what the new Mining and Smithing rework is starting to look like. Also, Patch Notes and what we would do if we were CEO at Jagex.

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Hosts: Shane and Mr. Bistro
Duration: 1:40:17

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