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Question from DramaFree

Hey good afternoon, quick question for you and the podcast quest this week.  When was the last time you had to look at the requirements for a upcoming quest? New and returning player have to for each and every quest. Instead of looking at the battle of the monolith as "batched content" could this be a way for RS3 team to give maxed players a sense of accomplishment before jumping into a quest day one.

Question from Cireon

Week after week, new twists and turns are added to the Battle of the Monolith story. Many of these events feel like they should've gotten more attention, or a bigger lead-up. With the release of the City of Senntisten right after the event, and of course the Elder God Wars Dungeon pencilled in for later this year, everything hints at the possibility that the team working on the Battle of the Monolith had to rush all these narrative events in to not get in the way of further content.

Last RuneFest, Jagex said they wanted all the content to be more driven by narrative. I think the Battle of the Monolith is an example of what could go wrong. The Elder God Wars dungeon, probably the headline update of 2021, is now locked behind a set of story beats that need to be hit one way or another. If it turns out a certain story beat needs more than a passing mention to be have the appropriate impact, that is now impossible, because that story beat has to fit in the existing release schedule.

Do you think these assumptions hold true? If so, do you think Jagex needs to make changes to the relationship between game updates and narratives? And for the bonus round: knowing what you know today, are there any story lines in RuneScape that you hope won't be a major theme for a given year?

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