RSBANDBUpdate! 780 – Nothing To See Here

posted by on 5th June 2020, at 4:39pm | Discuss Article

The World Cup of Quests continues and the decisions get harder. Plus breaking news on the community front, RuneScape has a new lead community manager. And then another look at the RuneScape Mobile interfaces and we go to space yet again.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 1:55:25

RSBANDBUpdate! 632 – Headset Expansions

posted by on 18th August 2017, at 8:31pm | Discuss Article

A look at the new chatbox and how it will interact with RuneScape Mobile. Plus Chief Snake returns and we catch up on expansions vs. regular updates and clue scroll hidey holes. And a look at the social benefits of double xp weekend!

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Hosts: Shane, The RRMan, and Chief Snake
Duration: 1:42:02

RSBANDBUpdate! 612 – Getting Lucky

posted by on 31st March 2017, at 4:35pm | Discuss Article

New luck items and the luck rework! Should Jagex bring in multi-cash stack items silently into the game? Also, a look at the modern F2P experience in RuneScape!

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Hosts: Shane, Cireon, and Choto 3000
Duration: 2:02:04

RSBANDBUpdate! 579 – Armchair Game Designers

posted by on 6th August 2016, at 1:12pm | Discuss Article

RSBANDBUpdate! 552 – Enjoyful Inventioneering

posted by on 6th February 2016, at 4:57pm | Discuss Article

Zodiac Training, Invention cosmetics, new fruit trees, and our thoughts on the Eastern Lands RuneLabs content. Also our thoughts on Reddit as a source of community.

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Colton (@Col_tonPU), and King Kulla
Duration: 1:34:11

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