RSBANDBUpdate! 725 – The Phantom Shane

posted by on 24th May 2019, at 3:27pm | Discuss Article

We examine the area rework of the digsite and look deeper into the wiki integration. We also speculate on the big summer reveal, before having some fun with numbers from the data livestream. Finally, we have a surprise pick of the week for Shane.

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Hosts: Tanis and Cireon
Duration: 1:52:26

The Magist– Unfinished Business, a change in the RuneScape release strategy, our thoughts on this huge U-Turn, and thoughts on the weeks patch notes and polls.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Mr. Bistro
Duration: 2:03:06

RSBANDBUpdate! 609 – Out of the Closet

posted by on 10th March 2017, at 5:09pm | Discuss Article

RSBANDBUpdate! 594 – Bounty Hunter Returns

posted by on 18th November 2016, at 4:54pm | Discuss Article

Bounty Hunter returns, and we discuss is this what has been needed all along to revive pvp and the wilderness? Plus Bounty Hunter mechanics, tactics, and the return of pures?!?

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Hosts: Shane and Mr. Bistro
Duration: 2:08:57

We review the new Halloween update, discuss our joy of elite skilling outfits being added to game, and the groundbreaking new MacBook Pro laptops.

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Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane, Mr. Bistro, and King Kulla
Duration: 1:33:17

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