RuneScape Mobile launches. We run through launch celebrations, words from Warden and Pips, and the new user interface. Not to be outdone this week, Battle of the Monolith week 4 wraps and we get ready for City of Senntisten.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, Bears OP, and Zant
Duration: 2:09:29

RSBANDBUpdate! 685 – Bye Bye Botany Bay

posted by on 24th August 2018, at 4:06pm | Discuss Article

Ninja fixes including auto redeeming Dungeoneering tokens, Summoning points, and the ability get feathered at a number of feather shops. Plus we say goodbye to Botany Bay and talk filler bottle quests.

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
Duration: 1:49:40

RSBANDBUpdate! 645 – The Revolution of Questing

posted by on 10th November 2017, at 4:54pm | Discuss Article

How to fully utilize Revolution now that it can activate thresholds and ultimates, our thoughts on the future of Summoning and Shifting Tombs, and are we seeing the end of questing to level up in the early game?

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Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
Duration: 1:52:54

RSBANDBUpdate! 561- The Treasure Hunter Rift

posted by on 8th April 2016, at 6:51pm | Discuss Article

RSBANDBUpdate! 525 – Raid by RAIDs

posted by on 11th July 2015, at 1:05pm | Discuss Article

Tuska crashed, we survived and there was no tsunami. Reflection on our near miss with death and more including the most important ninja fix of 2015 and a lot of Osborne.

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA) and Earth (@Earth271072)
Duration: 1:36:28

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