RSBANDBUpdate! 848 – Pointy Sticks Be Sus

posted by on 24th September 2021, at 3:28pm | Discuss Article

What everyone’s been wanting is finally on the way… A SKILLING BOSS!!! We take our first look at Croesus and run through its rewards including some shiny new magic armour and a new pair of overpowered arrows.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Thaxy
Duration: 2:21:13

RSBANDBUpdate! 203 – Sparky The Squirrel

posted by on 8th May 2009, at 7:09pm | 1 Comment

Bounty Worlds, a minor Farming Update, and last weeks Afro Hats courtesy of Party Pete. Also a great selection of Tech News: Windows 7, Firefox, and The Pirate Party. And as always a good selection of listener questions.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 1:20:47