RSBANDBUpdate! 801 – The Spooky Muncher

posted by on 30th October 2020, at 4:17pm | Discuss Article

Halloween arrives with a new spooky Halloween hub at Draynor maynor. Miniquests, potatoes, bones, and plague soup abound for a collection of spooky tokens. Earn Death’s Scythe and other Halloween rewards. Plus a ninja strike focused on Slayer and bossing.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Earth
Duration: 1:30:25

RSBANDBUpdate! 650 – The Chic-Axe

posted by on 15th December 2017, at 6:27pm | Discuss Article

The Christmas quest is here, we give it a solid 10 out of 10. A check in with the Mining and Smithing rework and how everyone now wants a Chic-Axe. Also, the astronomically rare chances for Skill Pet drops.

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Hosts: Shane and Pyrnassius
Duration: 2:02:44

RSBANDBUpdate! 606 – Phishing for Updates

posted by on 17th February 2017, at 4:28pm | Discuss Article

Part 2 of the Valentine update arrives, a few patch notes, a look at the 120 Slayer FAQ, and a word about update weeks going forward.

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RSBANDBUpdate! 355 – Buying Squeals

posted by on 7th April 2012, at 3:49pm | Discuss Article

Easter’s just around the corner, we examine just why Buying Squeal spins is controversial, and we delve into what could be coming in April with the new BTS article.

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Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
Duration: 1:39:57

RSBANDBUpdate! 280 – Lows Cows and Sheeps

posted by on 30th October 2010, at 4:12pm | No Comments

Our second new Informer writer, Asa, joins us this week. We also discuss the Halloween holiday event. Usual questions and tech news as well.

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Forum Discussion

Hosts: Shane, Chief Snake, King Kulla, and Asa
Duration: 1:46:25

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