RSBANDBUpdate! 797 – The Warden of RuneScape

posted by on 2nd October 2020, at 6:04am

Mod Warden joins us for a chat about his first year as executive producer, microtransactions, and the future for 2021 and beyond. Plus, we look at what Steam means for RuneScape, the removal of loot boxes, and the possibility of modding RuneScape.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Mod Warden
Duration: 2:22:00

  • Getting to know Mod Warden
  • Looking Back at One Year as Executive Producer
  • 2021 Release Cycle
  • Monetization and MTX
  • Strategic Vision for 20+ Years of RuneScape
  • Mod Warden’s Pick of the Week: Raised by Wolves

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