DATE & TIME:  Wednesday Sept 23, 2020 @ 5pm BST / 12 pm EDT.

TYPE: 1 hour (+/- 15min) dedicated interview with Mod Warden to be inserted into Update 797.

FORMAT: Q&A interview with opportunities for open discussion and follow up around questions.

PUBLISH: Interview will be published in Update 797 releasing Oct 2, 2020

Background: Mod Warden is the Executive Producer for RuneScape 3 at Jagex and has occupied the role for a little over a year. We’re going to have a chat with him getting to know him, talking about the last year, and laying out a strategic vision for what the next year, 5 years, and maybe even 20 years of RuneScape look like.

Getting to know Mod Warden

Looking Back at One Year as Executive Producer

2021 Release Cycle


Strategic vision for 20+ years of RuneScape


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