Rant: Does The Whip Need A Strength Option?

posted by on 1st April 2008, at 2:00pm

Why is there no strength option on whip i mean WTH its probably the most demanded weapon on the game (excluding gs and sara sword)

Why do we have all these pathetic weapons like dds d scim d long dba etc which cost 150k max and they have str options but they never hit and the hitters are to slow

But we have a finely balanced weapon called the abyssal whip

Hits high and often Looks amazing( i mean, what would you prefer a big chunk of red metal on the end of a pole or a whip?) Pwns about every monster on the game Great for drags Fast

so why am i paying 1.5m?!? for a weapon with no strength option

When i can get a d scim, well you may say well get a d scim if you dont want a whip

D scim they look stupid, they never hit

Second of all i do want a whip they look amazing and they always hit

So why on earth can’t i train strength with a whip???

THESE NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!