How To Send Us a Question

posted by on 5th January 2015, at 5:00pm

If you have a question for us you can send it to us in one of three ways:

  1. Send questions to (audio or otherwise).
  2. You can also send us a voicemail with your question.  Leave us a voicemail on Skype: rsbandbupdate or call 571-57-bandb (571-572-2632).
  3. Text questions can also be posted on the forums in the topic for each week that is created. The topic is up by early Tuesday at the latest.

If your question gets on the show we will either address you by your forum name or the name you signed your email with.

A Word About Audio Questions

Audio questions are preferred to be in the format of wav or mp3. Audio questions that do not use your own voice will be automatically rejected.

Some tips for getting your question on the show are:

  • Asking a question that many other people have would be great to ask.
  • If asking a question about this weeks update phrase it in such a way that it extends the discussion around the update. This is more effective than asking what we think of the update.
  • Try and grab people’s attention.

We look forward to seeing (or hearing) your question.

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