Questions We Get Asked Frequently

posted by on 1st August 2008, at 3:29pm

These are a list of the 11 questions we get asked frequently. More will be added as time goes on.

When are your birthdays?
Chief Snake: 12th March, 1993
Shane: February 27, 1987

What are your favourite foods?
C: Lasagne. Lasagne is amazing.
S: Lets just go with not favourite. Anything with pasta or mass amounts of cheese. Everything else is fine.

Do you eat breakfast?
C: Can’t get through a day without it. Even if I wake up past noon, I eat breakfast and skip lunch.
S: Only during the school year. If I’m up before 10 I’ll have breakfast otherwise just wait for lunch.

What do your parents think of RSBANDB?
C: They’re probably really annoyed that I’ve agreed to co-host a podcast every weekend, otherwise I’m not entirely sure. My Dad seems to think it’s a bit of a joke, but they both seem to like Shane.
S: They support it and have been behind it since 2004.

What is your favourite movie?
C: Fight Club or Amélie – probably the former would take precedence. Shane also recently forced me to watch the Bourne movies and sadly I have to say they top the chart too.
S: Anything Star Trek related. If you want non Star Trek I’d have to say it’s a toss up between any movie in the Bourne series.

What time do you get up?
C: 7:30am on school days, and anywhere between 10am and 1pm on weekends.
S: During the school year anytime between 7AM and 11AM. During the holidays pretty much whatever time I have to be up by 😉

Do you have any siblings?
C: One younger brother.
S: One sister. Younger.

What are your favourite holidays?
C: Sort of goes without saying as a kiwi. We don’t get snow in Winter and nothing interesting happens in the middle of the year, so what use is a cold, uncomfortable, boring Winter holiday?
S: The holiday season starting in December going through to early January.

What is the best present that you’ve ever gotten?
C: I mostly receive money from my family and buy what I like myself. The moment I was born however I received the best present I could’ve asked for and the one perhaps most take for granted.
S: I can’t say I have a favourite. Most of the things I need I end up buying on my own.

What is your favourite RS skill?
C: Farming
S: Farming

How long can you go without mentioning Star Trek?
S: As long as you don’t ask us anything about it ;D