June 2010 Birthday Contest

posted by on 29th May 2010, at 4:15pm

On June 12, 2005 Episode 1 of RSBANDBUpdate! was published. That anniversary is quickly approaching once again. To celebrate we are doing a contest in which the winner will be able to guest host an episode of RSBANDBUpdate!

The Contest: We would like you to produce a birthday card for RSBANDBUpdate! The birthday card can be in any format. It could be a card that you would print out and hand to someone, it could be a video wishing us happy birthday, it could be an image wishing us happy birthday. The format is fairly open ended as long as it is conveying the theme Happy 5th Birthday RSBANDBUpdate!

The contest closes on Friday June 18, 2010. Please send your entries via private message to Chief Snake or Shane. If you want to enter and don’t have an account, just sign up.

Note: This contest is not open to staff (Owner, Admin, Mod, Chat Mod, Content Crew, Events Crew, or Newspaper) members.