OSRS Update 35 – Force Grandeur

posted by on 7th July 2024, at 12:11am

Game Jam V’s contenders are discussed and promoted from Bingo and Bank Loadouts to POH customizations and Puffins we share our favourites. The gear and skill upgrades have also accumulated and it’s time to go Grandmaster with Song of the Elves.

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:14:20

  • Game Jam V – May 2024
  • What have we been doing in Old School RuneScape?
  • Gear upgrades, combat, diaries (MTA)
  • Magic, Prayer, and gear upgrades
  • Path of Glouphrie
  • Mourning’s End Pt 2
  • Song of the Elves

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