RSBANDBUpdate! 758 – 2019 in Review – Have you heard how good the Mining and Smithing rework is?

posted by on 3rd January 2020, at 3:04pm

We have a look at the year that was 2019. We cover everything from best skilling, combat, and systems update. To the biggest controversy of the year and most consequential live stream amongst other things. Join us for a wild ride.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Cireon
Duration: 1:23:46

  • Ninja fix / patch note of the year
  • Combat update of the year
  • Skilling update of the year
  • Biggest controversy of the year
  • Most consequential livestream
  • Best systems update of the year
  • Most important update of the year
  • Favourite update of the year
  • Favourite RSBANDBUpdate! episode
  • Pick of the year

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