RSBANDBUpdate! 757 – The 2019 Clip Show

posted by on 27th December 2019, at 5:14pm

A recrap of 2019’s RSBANDBUpdate! moments including beagle alerts, the Cambridge Mob, discovering the RuneScape of Info Wars. Plus many other outtakes and hilarious moments.

Note: As this is the year end clip show it contains unedited and raw moments from the year past. This show carries an explicit tag, listener discretion is advised.

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Hosts: Shane, Tanis, and Friends
Duration: 1:37:47

The production team makes RSBANDBUpdate! happen but in particular I would like to thank: Cireon, Dave, Tyco, Diana, David, Earth, Pyrnassius, and Zant for guesting on the podcast with Tanis and myself. A HUGE thank you also should be given to Tanis and Cireon for holding down the fort while I was away this summer and handling everything from production, to editing, to publishing — it worked real well.

Finally, I need to point out two episodes of RSBANDBUpdate! this year that deserve special attention with two very special guests. The first, episode 712 – SpecialEffect and Double XP Weekend where Mod Poerkie guested with us to talk SpecialEffect and shared in the RSBANDBUpdate! experience. Secondly, this past November Mod Osborne joined us to talk about his role as head of the Episodic Content team and what the future of RuneScape looks like amongst other things, you can listen to that episode here. I speak for the entire community when I say we all enjoyed your perspectives!

2019 also wouldn’t have been doable without you, the listeners. For that we give our deepest thanks and look forward to what’s to come in 2020 with a continued thirst for adventure and determination to keep telling the story of RuneScape in a way that you can find nowhere else. 2019 was just the beginning and 2020 is going to be ever brighter. Thank you.

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