RSBANDBUpdate! 393 – The 2012 Clip Show

posted by on 31st December 2012, at 4:54pm

Another year has gone by of RSBANDBUpdate! and that means your ears will soon be greeted with our annual clip show! We hope you enjoy this episode and will continue to enjoy everything RSBANDBUpdate! has to offer you. Happy New Year :)!

I am also pleased to announce that you can send in your questions for our first episode of 2013.

Note: This show contains unedited portions from the years shows. Please be aware that there is uncensored language in a few of the clips.

Download Now
Direct Download – 64 Kbit MP3

Hosts: Shane and The Updaters
Duration: 1:36:19

Thanks to everyone who joined us on RSBANDBUpdate! this year:

  • Trekkie
  • Chief Snake
  • King Kulla
  • Alex 43
  • Paul
  • Earth
  • Rogie
  • Shwa
  • Duke Juker
  • Jord
  • Uncle Dano
  • Morumska
  • JasonC
  • Davo
  • Asa

Also for those of you who are a wee bit more creative you can download an archive of the clips from 2012 here. You can find that exact clip that you want to listen to again or mash them up in some form of song… if you do that share it with us.

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