RSBANDBUpdate! Special Report – Bot Killing With Rogiee

posted by on 4th September 2011, at 5:21pm

It’s a long weekend in North America and Bonus XP Weekend is coming next week, it’s a perfect time for a RSBANDBUpdate! special. This special covers bot killing, that is, how to take advantage of their automated nature to bring them to their death. In this episode we discuss what bot killing is, remind everyone why bots are bad, and detail three bots that can be killed including:

  • Ivy woodcutting bots
  • Karamja Lobster bots
  • Fruit bat bots at Castle Wars

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Hosts: Shane with Special Guest Rogiee
Duration: 47:24

You can find more on bot killing from Rogiee at his YouTube channel: Also it should be noted that Rogiee has changed his in game name to “Skiller”.

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