RSBANDBUpdate! 288 – That’s a Topic for Another Show

posted by on 24th December 2010, at 2:32pm

We discuss the Christmas update, the very surprising wilderness and free trade vote, and of course all those topics that we had to defer at some point during the year. Enjoy!

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Hosts: Shane, Chief Snake, and King Kulla
Duration: 2:20:28

Full notes available here.

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  • emberfly Says:
    28th December 2010, at 2:58pm

    I can’t even stand to listen to Shane. >.< He's so close-minded and unwilling to listen to reason.

    (Sorry!, but it's the truth!)

  • Chief Snake Says:
    31st December 2010, at 6:33pm

    Haha, yes, he’s a worry isn’t he?

    But in all seriousness and from an objective perspective, if you were in the same position, would you not defend your own views/beliefs? I’m sure that the tides could have been equally turned if Kulla was on Shane’s side, for example, and they could have beaten me to a pulp; I’d not have given up what I believed, though. A show like this is more a discussion of individual beliefs rather than a chance for us to change each other’s (…despite our heated moments :P); in reality it takes some time for any new viewpoints to be assimilated (if at all).

    Outside of the show, Kulla and I do respect Shane’s beliefs regardless of how dramatically different they might be. They don’t get in the way of our friendships, obviously, and that is what matters. 🙂