RSBANDBUpdate! 262 – King Lear’s Football

posted by on 26th June 2010, at 4:43pm

Void Knights, Temple Knights, and King Lear. All subjects of interest in this episode of RSBANDBUpdate! Also subjects of interest are your questions and our answers to them.

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Hosts: Shane, Chief Snake
Duration: 1:32:56

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One Comment

  • from rs Says:
    27th June 2010, at 8:51pm

    hey jagex can u change rs back to normal becux we cant ride on the flying gnome tat u make for f2p and p2p plz we hope u update it back please we all begging u to put the flying gnome at the place tat u need a ticket to ride it was fun like it take u go to castle war even if ur not a member u riding the fly gnome up the sky and see they fighting at castle war plz jagex we need u to change it back plz we hope u wil soon =)