RSBANDBUpdate! 239 – The Haunted Cow

posted by on 15th January 2010, at 4:21pm

Chris from Informer joins Brad and myself this week to talk about Nomad and his new Grandmaster quest along with Cows and Yaks.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Chris
Duration: 1:31:00

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  • Wolvespwnyou Says:
    19th January 2010, at 4:16pm

    Hey Brad… You dont need to be maxed to kill Nomad. Its mostly luck. My friend level 118 brought him down to 1 hp one time using retribution, which supposedly works as killing him. then my friend got higher summoning for a better beast of burdon so he should kill him this time, proof that you dont need to be maxed. (he has no combat skills over 90 except str and thats 92 or something)