RSBANDBUpdate! 237 – The 2009 Clip Show

posted by on 31st December 2009, at 5:35pm

Another year has gone by, that means it’s time for the clip show. Brad and I would like to thank everyone who guest hosted this year making 2009 a great year. Enjoy the show!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, and The Various Guests of 2009
Duration: 1:58:39

Hosts of 2009

  • Mike
  • Marco
  • Chief Snake
  • King Kulla
  • Paul
  • Asa
  • Jason
  • Shwa
  • Kelsey
  • Trekkie
  • Jeff
  • Kirby
  • Ryan
  • Kenny
  • Dave
  • Tim
  • Warren

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  • Darkb0w35 Says:
    5th January 2010, at 3:31pm

    I love the clipshow! It is the first one I lisend to . It is a little hard to fallow tho.

  • akk 141 Says:
    5th January 2010, at 4:28pm

    The best part is being able to just hear all the funny parts without having to listen to the whole hour long show with 1 or 2 funny parts. great show! great show!