RSBANDBUpdate! 210 – The KGD: King Green Dragon

posted by on 26th June 2009, at 5:44pm

Kirby and Paul join me this week in developing a hypothetical F2P boss: The KGD. We also talked about Agility, fastest way to level F2P skills, our execution, and transformers! Don’t forget to send us audio questions next week.

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Hosts: Shane, Paul, Kirby
Duration: 1:32:53

Note: In the intro I know I say, KGB: King Green Dragon. It was a slip of the tongue and I didn’t realize it until I was looking at it on paper after the show was exported.

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  • RRman100 Says:
    28th June 2009, at 5:50pm

    Hey! I Just discovered the wonder of podcasts last month, and just found your podcast yesterday, Great show im subscribed! My question is as I have not played runescape much in the last year, what of the last year or so, of your podcasts are worth downloadeding, maby for great questions, or best runescape updates. Thanks