RSBANDBUpdate! 185 – The 2008 Clip Show

posted by on 31st December 2008, at 4:19pm

Welcome once again to my favourite show of the year, the 2008 clip show! This is a collection of clips that were either said during the pre or post show, edited out, or were just plain funny or interesting. Without further ado, enjoy the show!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, and Various Guests
Duration: 1:03:03

Thank you to those of you who stepped up to guest host, sent in questions whether they be audio or just text, and finally and most importantly our listener base. The show wouldn’t be worth doing if there was no listener base.

Guest Hosts of 2008

  • Mike
  • Jeff
  • Trekkie
  • Warren
  • Paul/Pfkninenines
  • Chief Snake
  • Lance
  • Mushroom Queen
  • Pika
  • Shwa
  • Ryan
  • Connor
  • Kirby

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