RSBANDBUpdate! 162 – I Wanna Be The Makeover Mage

posted by on 25th July 2008, at 9:01pm

This week Mike and I are doing the show as Brad was unable to make it on a Friday. We discussed the release of the Jagex novel but most importantly we also discussed our choices as to what we wouldd like to do if we lived on Gielinor.

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Hosts: Shane, Mike
Duration: 1:23:16

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  • Total Plox Says:
    28th July 2008, at 8:55am

    Eh, last you heard about G4 was wrong. Xplay is terrible show… They care more about getting ratings by trying to be funny rather than actually review a game. It’s really a pathetic show.

    Strange though, I remember back when Xplay was on TechTv, they weren’t cracking jokes every 2 seconds, they actually had a good show. Oh well…

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    20th March 2009, at 11:52am

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