Missing Episode 149?

posted by on 20th April 2008, at 1:58pm

Well so am I. Due to an unfortunate chain of events episode 149 won’t be out this week. Brad was away at a concert so we decided to do the show on Friday. We were able to get about half way through but then the skype connection refused to work for more than 5 minutes at a time. This attempt was with Pfkninenines, sorry that this one didn’t work out… 🙁

Next Mike and I tried on Saturday however I was foolish enough to record with Audacity. Audacity decided to garble the recording and add a huge amount of static to it. This static was in now way listenable. So this attempt failed.

Finally we could try and do it today but everyone I know is busy. It’s that time of the year, school finals. So with that said no show this week, it’s not that bad really… this is only the 4th time we have not been able to get a show out for various reasons.

To top it all off, this weeks show will be live on Thursday at 9PM Gmt in the RSBandB teamspeak server. Expect more info to be posted later this week.


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