Clip Show and End of Year Schedule

posted by on 9th December 2007, at 5:08pm

This topic serves as a hub for information on our Christmas schedule including our usual selection of two special episodes. This year we have:
The Clip Show (my favourite annual event)
RSBANDBUpdate! Uncorked

The Schedule:
RSBANDBUpdate! 130 : December 14th (standard show)
RSBANDBUpdate! 131 : December 21st (standard show)
RSBANDBUpdate! 132 : December 24th (Uncorked)
RSBANDBUpdate! 133 : December 31st (Clip show)

Now here is where you come in…


This is a special edition of RSBANDBUpdate! with the RSBANDB admins (Mike, Jeff, Brad, and Myself). This will be an all questions episode. The questions will have good discussional value. Some examples of possible topics could include thoughts on homose[b][/b]xual marriage, the war in Iraq, aid and assistance to developing nations. A question that would be a bad example is “What is your favourite colour?” I think you get the idea…

Please post your questions in this topic.

Clip Show

This is the smattering of fun moments and bloopers from the past 365 days. I have some idea of what will show up, however, we would like your input. If you have clips that you liked please post them using the following format:

Episode Number:
Approximate Time Index:
Description of the Clip:

Please post your clip show ideas in this topic as well.

This topic will remain as a sticky and become globalized one week prior to the first recording.

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