RSBANDBUpdate! 119 – I Would Not Put Myself Into a Group

posted by on 29th September 2007, at 12:52am

This week we have a shorter show for you all. Partly due to the fact that there was no “game content” update this week. Anyways it was still a pretty good show if I do say so myself. The poll was definitely thought provoking. Also as a footnote, last week Libsyn (our host) was having some problems with the caching system. So if you weren’t able to download 118 that’s why. The problem appears to be fixed.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 54:04

  • 16 new QuestHelps
  • New edition of Postbag from the Hedge
  • Poll: Player-submitted Polls #5
    • Who is your favourite god in RuneScape?
    • How many skill levels do you gain per week, on average?
    • Would you rather be the richest player or the one with the highest levels?
    • Which group would you say you belong to?
  • Many listener questions including an audio question from Alex 43
  • Demonoid shut down by the CRIA.
  • “Halo 3” registers biggest day in US entertainment history.
  • Rants!
  • The October SKOTM, agility, is now available for signups.
  • RuneWire, a micro-blogging service for RuneScape players, has expanded its beta.
  • Contest: Take 5 pictures of you doing skills on RuneScape. 1 of the pictures must be Farming, another must be Fishing. You are free to pick the other 3. Points will be awarded on originality and how well the picture shows that you’re doing it for RSBANDBUpdate! Please pm entries to Brad or Shane.
  • What have we been doing?

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