RSBANDBUpdate! 118 – The Gower Archive

posted by on 22nd September 2007, at 2:15am

While recording this fine edition of RSBANDBUpdate! we came across the Gower Archive. It has loads of great information about the creator of Runescape. We of course owe the life of this podcast to him. Please note we closed off the show with Internet People! Enjoy! (Sorry that we kept going off topic… it’s been a long week)

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 1:18:34

  • The ZMI Altar
  • Ourania teleport
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • Lores and Histories: Silverlight
  • Poll: What would you do #4
  • Listener Questions!
  • We all remember the joke on the poor mage pure.
  • Microsoft ordered to hand over Windows secrets after losing appeal over record ‘monopoly’ fine.
  • iPhone is coming to O2 in the UK on November 9th.
  • iPhone confirmed for T-Mobile Germany.
  • Rants!
  • RSBANDB September Events
  • Current SKOTM progress
  • Our Contest: Take 5 pictures of you doing skills on Runescape. 1 of the pictures must be Farming, another must be Fishing. You are free to pick the other 3. Points will be awarded on originality and how well the picture shows that you’re doing it for RSBANDBUpdate! Please pm entries to Brad or Shane.
  • What have we have been doing?

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