RSBANDBUpdate! 105 – 1 Crossbow = 1 Happy Ranger

posted by on 22nd June 2007, at 7:41pm

This week’s episode covers a huge selection of Runescape updates ranging from the Dragonfire Shield to the powered up crossbows. We also have a good selection of questions, tech news, and rants.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 58:37

  • The Dragonfire Shield
  • Crandor graphical update
  • Many game improvements
  • Development Diary #2: NPC Improvement Project
  • Next Achievement Diary will take place in Varrock.
  • Guaranteed Content Poll (Halloween 2007):
    • Which of these Halloween events would you most like to play?
    • Which of these Halloween rewards would you most like?
    • Which of these Halloween emotes would you most like?
  • Listener questions
  • YouTube launches YouTube Remixer, an online service that allows users to edit their videos.
  • Apple announces iPhone now delivers up to 8 hours of talk time and with a new glass display.
  • Gateway announces laptop battery recall.
  • Rants
  • Do you want to be on the show? Send us the wittiest episode title from the month of May. The title should be unique and distinctly different than the created title. Please pm entries to Shane or Brad.
  • Essay of the Month opened for submissions.
  • What we have been doing
  • Nerf It song

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