RSBANDBUpdate! 104 – The Return of The Mouse

posted by on 14th June 2007, at 7:01pm

This week of RSBANDBUpdate! marks our two year anniversary! So we figured why not get some special guests together. As you may have figured those guests are Pika, Trekkie, and Mike! Pika hosted the show for it’s first 50 episodes, Trekkie has filled in numerous times whenever someone was sick or not available. Mike is here in his official capacity as site co-owner once again!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Mike, Pika69, Trekkie
Duration: 1:15:16

  • Dark Bow
  • HAM clothing can now be stored in the costume room.
  • Fountain of heroes will no longer recharge noted amulets.
  • Compost buckets will auto fill.
  • Ice Barrage can now use combination Runes.
  • Next achievement diary will take place in Varrock.
  • Impetuous Impulses
  • New edition of the Player’s Gallery
  • Player submitted polls
    • What is your favourite full barrows set?
    • Which of the spellbooks do you use most often?
    • Which of these combat skills would you most like updated?
    • Which of these shops or stores would you like more of in RuneScape?
  • Listener questions including one audio question from Chief Snake
  • Apple’s WWDC is taking place this week. From there we got: Leopard previews, Safari on Windows, EA games will now be supported on OS X, and iPhone release on June 29 @ 6PM at Apple and Cingular stores in the US.
  • Windows Home Server on track, Released Candidate 1 released.
  • HD DVD sales spike in wake of price cuts.
  • Rants!
  • Do you want to be on the show? Send us the wittiest episode title from the month of May. The title should be unique and distinctly different than the created title. Please pm entries to Shane or Brad.
  • Essay of the Month opened for submissions.
  • June Skill of the Month underway.
  • What we have been doing

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