RSBANDBUpdate! 99 – An Inconvenient Tooth

posted by on 11th May 2007, at 3:21pm

It’s episode 99 coming at you! This is the episode in which Jagex creates an advertisement for Karamja, the Karamja achievement diary. Aside from this we discuss a few other interesting Runescape things such as another ditch glitch and a few tiny updates. We’ve also got listener questions and rants. Please stay tuned for next week, the big episode 100. We hope to have some special guests…

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 59:02

  • Karamja Achievement Diary
  • Small spiders, kalphites, scorpions and metal dragons graphical update.
  • Abyssal bracelet no longer resets skull timer if you were already skulled.
  • Jacket and cap from ‘Enlightened Journey’ can now be stored in the costume room.
  • Amulet of glory/dragonstone bracelet/dragonstone necklace will now recharge all in your inventory once you click on the totem or fountain.
  • General store icon changed… we’re not excited.
  • One million members.
  • Negative wilderness.
  • Poll: What would you do?
  • Listener questions
  • Second Life now like Real Life: show me yer ID, kid.
  • Intel launches new Santa Rosa mobile platform
  • The Rants
  • Do you want to be on the show? Send us the wittiest episode title from the month of April. The title should be unique and distinctly different than the created title. Please pm entries to Shane or Brad.
  • You can also send us your theme song to questions[at]rsbandb[dot]…com
  • What have we been up to?

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