RSBANDBUpdate! 102 – The War on Bots

posted by on 31st May 2007, at 11:15pm

This week RSBANDBUpdate! takes on a special guest. This week we have Cap on the panel who has been instrumental in the fight against bots. He has reported over 2300 fishing autoers! We have our regular questions (themed accordingly), tech news, and rants. Enjoy!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Cap
Duration: 1:07:25

  • Varrock city makeover
  • New Varrock museum
  • Davon in Brimhaven
  • The Dream spell in the Lunar Spellbook will now break when you auto-retaliate against a monster or another player.
  • Cows and calves nearby to the Crafting Guild are now closer to the ground.
  • The Ring of Life will no longer teleport you out of the TzHaar Fight Cave.
  • New edition of Postbag from the Hedge
  • Spottier cape appears dirty.
  • Secure login page new design
  • Listener questions featuring text questions and one audio question.
  • Microsoft announces Surface, a touchscreen control computer.
  • Apple releases iTunes Plus and EMI’s DRM-free music
  • Google Maps now includes a “street view” for major cities in the US. Someone has already been spotted going into a strip club.
  • Rants!
  • One year anniversary of RSBANDBInformer!
  • SKOTM June started. This month’s skill is fishing.
  • What have we been doing?

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