RSBANDBUpdate! 101 – Prifddinas

posted by on 24th May 2007, at 11:33pm

It’s time for episode 101. Even though there was no Runescape update this week Brad and I found a great deal to talk about ranging from the pronunciation of Prifddinas to Google-Dell spyware, and some clueless people in the rants section. Also thanks to Alex for providing the new theme song! The song is called “Strength Over Being” by S.Y.C.R.O. Tell us what you think in the forum topic.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 57:11

  • No Runescape update this week. Varrock Museum should be coming next week though.
  • Poll: Are you a lone ranger?
    • How often do you play through quests with friends? 53% say sometimes.
    • How often do you train skills with friends? 57% say sometimes.
    • How often do you player-kill with friends? 53% say I don’t PK.
  • Many listener questions including an audio question!
  • Gmail upgraded the maximum attachment size from 10 MB to 20 MB.
  • Google and Dell have teamed up to install some software on Dell computers that borders on being spyware.
  • Blizzard announces StarCraft II.
  • Rants!
  • RSBANDB May Events
  • Essay of the Month entries closing out soon.
  • Signup for the June SKOTM. This month’s skill is fishing.
  • Do you want to be on the show? Send us the wittiest episode title from the month of April. The title should be unique and distinctly different than the created title. Please pm entries to Shane or Brad.
  • Next week is live show week! May 31 @ 2 PM MDT (9 PM GMT). View the guide here.
  • What have we been doing?

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