RSBANDBUpdate! 97 – G’Day Runescape

posted by on 25th April 2007, at 5:16pm

G’Day fellow Runescape players, listeners, and staff members! This weeks show is an early one. Brad and I talked about the new quest “Another Slice of H.A.M.” which turns out not to yield as much H.A.M. as they say. We also talked about various other small updates that Jagex released this week. We also have the usual questions, tech news (back to normal), and rants.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 1:04:26

  • Another slice of H.A.M.
  • Surface goblins updated once again.
  • A few bug fixes…
  • Password security update.
  • Poll: Favourite quests of all time!
    • Novice: Recruitment Drive 11% (3213 votes)
    • Intermediate: Dragon Slayer 19% (5743 votes)
    • Experienced: Lost City 16% (4666 votes)
    • Master: I have not played any of these quests 22% (6600 votes), followed by Desert Treasure…
  • Listener Questions!
  • The Internet speed record has been broken!
  • Dell is bringing back the option to order computers with Windows XP.
  • Amazon readying DRM-free music service.
  • The Rants!
  • Skill of The Month Signups for May open. The skill is smithing.
  • We are starting a monthly contest! The winner will be featured on a RSBANDBUpdate! episode. The contest is simple. Create the best title for an episode from the previous month. So for the month of May create a title for an April RSBANDBUpdate! episode. Please pm entries to either Brad or Shane.
  • April events are being held this weekend.
  • What have we been doing?

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