RSBANDBUpdate! 92 – Foods of the World

posted by on 24th March 2007, at 9:34pm

This week Shane and Brad talk about various ‘Foods of the World’ while explaining the new city of Dorgesh-Kaan, Fishing Trawler updates, and another round of graphical updates. We also have the usual questions, tech news, and rants.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 1:04:13

  • Dorgesh-Kaan, a new city
    • New Agility course which requires level 70.
    • Sell your food
    • Many new things to train your Thieving
    • Use your Crafting skills to train Firemaking and get bonus XP!
    • Brad has a store in here.
  • Fishing Trawler the mini-game has been improved.
  • A graphics makeover for the cows, chickens and rabbits
  • A few technical updates…
    • Ability to rearrange items in your inventory without stopping what you’re doing.
    • Prayer delay now fixed.
  • Barelchest Anchor now has strength bonus changed to 100 and crush attack increased to 92. The price to have it repaired has been reduced to 230k.
  • New world switcher on the login screen.
  • Poll: What do you most want from a new skill?
    • “New ways to make money” with 30%
    • “An enjoyable skill to train” with 28%
    • “New items to customise the appearance of your character” with 15%
  • Listener questions
  • Apple TV’s have started shipping. Apple TV is a device that syncs iTunes with your TV.
  • Adobe Apollo, a desktop application development kit using web technology, launched.
  • Is the Pandora Lawsuit the end of Internet radio?
  • Rambling rants!
  • What we have been doing.
  • Our Events Crew is holding a Fishing Trawler event this week: March 25, 9PM GMT @ World 132.
  • RSBANDBInformer applications are still welcome, closing this weekend.
  • Shane is coding a new Skill of the Month system for automating signups, called Fred.
  • Mushroom Queen has made Shane a new signature!

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