RSBANDBUpdate! 89 – The WSG2000

posted by on 2nd March 2007, at 6:59pm

There was not much Runescape news to discuss this week but we are proud to bring you three audio questions! Very good… Very good… Brad brings up WSG which is a WoW mini game similar to castle wars, hence our show title for this week. 😉 We have the usual tech news and rants as well.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 50:15

  • No updates this week, but we have a Behind the Scenes update.
    • Temple Trekking service update
    • Music updatetwo new quests
    • New agility course
    • A graphical update
  • Three audio questions and many text questions
  • Vista bug forces legitimate users to reactivate operating system
  • Apple aired their iPhone teaser ad multiple times during the Oscars night.
  • Rants!
  • March issue of RSBANDBInformer! is out.
  • Events crew recruitment finalists should be announcement by next week.
  • We now have a new chat!
  • What have we been up to?

Show notes by Jeffy.

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