RSBANDBUpdate! 87 – Sq’irk Sq’irk

posted by on 17th February 2007, at 10:21pm

It’s a Sq’irky kind of week… Brad and Shane look at the combined Thieving/Farming minigame, the hidden shadow sword, and the launch of the German Runescape beta. We also have the usual questions (including an audio question third in three weeks, keep ’em coming), tech news, and rants!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 55:58

  • A sq’irk a day – new minigame
  • The system will now adjust your combat mode relevant to the previous mode when you run out of runes or switched to a new weapon.
  • Shadow Sword
  • Players’ Gallery reorganized. Shane likes it.
  • Another Barbarian Assault update – better rewards for people who risk more points
  • German Beta version launched.
  • Poll: Which of the regular website additions do you most enjoy? Behind the scenes in the lead with 42% followed by area guides with 23% and Players’ Gallery with 19%.
  • Listener questions including an audio question from Andy! Answer to his question can be viewed here.
  • World’s first quantum computer demonstrated.
  • US Senator Ted Stevens thinks it’s time to ban Wikipedia and social networking sites in schools.
  • Yahoo! Pipes released. An example of a pipe – Flickr flavored New York Times.
  • Rants!
  • Events crew recruiting.

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