RSBANDBUpdate! 85 – Tuxedo Time!

posted by on 3rd February 2007, at 10:00pm

This week Brad and Shane put on their Tuxedo’s while talking about the new penguin related quest Cold War. Of course it’s not only this quest this week, numerous other things such as decrypting behind the scenes all the way to the fact that Windows Vista has finally shipped!

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 01:05:19

  • Cold War Quest
  • In Barbarian Assault, the defenders’ barricades will now last longer when they try to block the Penance caves.
  • Febuary Behind the Scenes
  • Sand pit icons added to the world map.
  • Weekly Poll: Which of the three combat styles do you favour? 59% say Melee followed by Mage with 26% and Range with 14%.
  • Postbag from the Hedge
  • Listener Questions including an audio question from Andy!
  • Windows Vista finally shipped after years of development starting from October 2001.
  • The Norwegian Consumer Council has deemed iTunes’ DRM, Fairplay, illegal in Norway, with France and Germany possibly following suit.
  • YouTube asked to disclose identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire recent episodes of primetime series “24” and “The Simpsons.”
  • Rants!
  • RSBANDBInformer! #8, Deep Freeze February, is up!
  • This month’s SKOTM is Farming. Signup here.

Show notes courtesy of Jeffy.

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