RSBANDBUpdate! 82 – Contact

posted by on 13th January 2007, at 7:07pm

In this episode we talk about the so called “high level” quest “Contact” and some small tweaks to Barbarian Assault.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Trekkie
Duration: 1:00:58

  • Contact was a little easier than we had hoped
  • Barbarian Assault fixes, most notably the fact that the canons no longer fire at pet cats and the interface does not lock up when using the horn of glory
  • Defender animation fixed
  • Players Gallery and Quest helps for Mourning’s End Part I, Mourning’s Ends Part II, Troll Romance, Troll Stronghold and One Small Favour.
  • Poll: What size is the monitor you usually play RuneScape? on? 28% do not know followed by 16% 17 inch.
  • Lots of listener questions
  • Mac World this week. Apple unveiled the iPhone and a closer look at Apple TV.
  • Apple is getting sued by Cisco as they don’t have the patent for iPhone in the US.
  • CES is also going on this week. At CES Microsoft unveiled Windows Home Server. Picture here.
  • PS3 demand is down. There’s plenty of them now, it’s still much harder to get a Wii. Is this the end for the PS3?
  • Rants!
  • Informer applications closed
  • Congratulations to Jeff for being promoted to admin.
  • Oh and here’s the job Brad did on removing my bank water marks…

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