RSBANDBUpdate! 80 – 2006 Clips Show

posted by on 31st December 2006, at 5:11pm

This is the famous episode that everyones been waiting for… The 2006 clips episode. This one is a collection of bloopers and funny moments from this past year of RSBANDBUpdate! This episode does carry an iTunes explicit tag.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad
Duration: 1:24:01

This episode has an iTunes explicit tag attached to it. It’s not that bad, I just didn’t want it to be reported and lose our spot on iTunes. Although I’m sure it’s nothing you guys havn’t heard before 😉

You can also download a zip file of the clips here. Windows XP can open zip files, if you don’t have Windows XP try 7-zip. I’ll be back tomorrow with another new years episode featuring a look back at this year and what’s in store for 2007.

Happy New Year!!

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