RSBANDBUpdate! 76 – Flying Wiimotes

posted by on 10th December 2006, at 6:27pm

This week Alex43 joins Trekkie and Shane as they discuss new treasure trail rewards, computer drawing tablets, and much more including flying Wiimotes.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, Alex43
Duration: 56:27

  • New treasure trails
  • New, shiny, woolly and scuttley versions of sheep and spiders
  • Tears of Guthix now gives Hunter XP
  • Poll: Which of the recent skill additions is your favourite? – Hunter wins, but Shane likes Farming
  • Computer drawing tablets, the Wacom’s are recomended. You can find them online or at a store near you.
  • Lots more questions ranging from what monster the hosts associate with themselves to how Shane plans on training Herblore for SKOTM.
  • Windows Vista is vulnerable to malware from… 2004!
  • AMD’s Quad FX dual CPU platform has been throughly trounced by Intel’s QX6700
  • Wii have a problem… (Pic 1 | Pic 2)
  • The Rants!
  • You have until about December 21/22 to submit RSBANDBIdol! entries. They can be sent to Shane via PM.
  • Please submit new Treasure Trail clues and Quest Guides!

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