RSBANDBUpdate! 75 – The Asian Dwarf

posted by on 3rd December 2006, at 5:52pm

Brad is on leave from RSBANDB for personal reasons. Until (if) he comes back Trekkie will be the acting co-host. This week we puzzle over why there’s such a thing as an Asian dwarf!

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, Jeff
Duration: 57:45

  • Eagles Peak Quest.
  • Improved Sandwich Lady interface that helps you identify her wares.
  • You can no longer easily escape from the damage of the Retribution prayer.
  • Treasure trail update with 100+ new items to come.
  • Shanty Claws’ Christmas update.
  • New area guides and a new quest, Damsel in Distress, coming this month.
  • Poll: “Which wallpaper download do you prefer?” 32% say Lava Asian Dwarf.
  • 99 Hunter has been achieved.
  • Listener Questions ranging from breakfast, poptarts, Christmas to pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanokoniosis.
  • Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange server for businesses launch. Consumer editions will follow in early 2007.
  • Apple has filed a new patent application for a method of browsing podcasts.
  • 43% of those who participate in online communities feel “as strongly” about their online buddies as those offline.
  • Don’t sit up straight! It’s bad for your back.
  • Canadian Idiot.
  • Rants!
  • Why Trekkie is here
  • RSBANDBIdol! is still open for entries until our Christmas week show! Send your entry to Shane via pm.

Show notes courtesy of Jeff!

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