RSBANDBUpdate! 72 – The Trekkie Edition

posted by on 12th November 2006, at 12:11am

Brad’s still out with his broken microphone but he’ll be back for next week! Trekkie continues to fill in.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie
Duration: 59:47

  • Englightened Journey Quest.
  • Pack light and travel to the south-west corner of Entrana to meet with Auguste for a thrill-seeking journey across the globe.
  • 4k firemaking, 3k farming, 2k crafting, 1.5k woodcutting xp, Flight cap and jacket, balloon system, origami balloons.
  • Gnome stronghold tree patch.
  • When you switch weapons after you’ve been autocasting spells with a staff, your combat style will now attempt to stay on the last melee combat mode you selected rather than always defaulting to the Defensive mode.
  • Demon butler updated.
  • Rune throwing axes no longer steal other random event monsters.
  • Runecrafting pouches have always automatically emptied themselves when you drop them on the ground. We have now added a warning message to ask if you’re sure you wish to drop them.
  • Trimmed wizard hats have been updated to match the change that was made to the untrimmed versions a couple of weeks ago.
  • The trimmed Cape of Achievement for Woodcutting had a bug where it would change its colour to match your character’s leggings. This has now been fixed.
  • Listener Questions
  • Windows Vista has been Released to Manufacturing.
  • An “extremely critical” vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft’s XML Core Services.
  • NVIDIA launched their new graphics processor, the GeForce 8800GTX. Benchmarks.
  • The Rants!
  • Remember you can send your RSBANDBIdol! entries to Shane via pm. You have until later this month.

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