RSBANDBUpdate! 71 – Ghostbusters

posted by on 5th November 2006, at 7:53pm

This week join Shane, Trekkie, Matt, and Nmr7 to do some ghost busting on this Halloween week episode. Some of you may be wonder who Nmr7 is. He won our Halloween costume contest entry, you can see his pictures here, here, and here.

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Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, Matt, Nmr7(Warren)
Duration: 1:06:19

  • This years Runescape Halloween event
  • Bank pin on costume room & can now store mourners outfit.
  • Requirement for equipping Slayer Gloves has been raised from level 17 to level 42 in the Slayer skill.
  • Part of the varrock bank door was missing.
  • What kind of update do you must look forward to?
  • Hot air balloon ride quest.
  • Hunting is coming.
  • A good selection of listener questions.
  • Hackers have published code over the weekend that could let an attacker disable the Windows Firewall on certain Windows XP machines.
  • Windows Vista packaging has been unveiled.
  • Security researchers on Monday warned of a problem in Internet Explorer 7 that could allow malicious attackers to alter content in a legitimate Web site’s pop-up window.
  • Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange server will launch for corporations on November 30.
  • The Rants!
  • New Informer is out
  • Remember you can send your RSBANDBIdol! entries to Shane via pm. You have until later this month.

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