AAC Format File or Older Episodes?

posted by on 20th November 2006, at 2:20pm

Regarding this forum topic.

A suggestion was brought to me by someone that it may be a good idea to bring in an AAC version of the podcast. AAC is the default codec of iTunes. AAC can compress to better sound quality at a lower file size. Eg. You could have a 128Kbps AAC file at the same size as the 64Kbps MP3 file.

You can read more about AAC here, you can also see some alternate players to iTunes.

That is option 1.

Option 2 is to add in the older RSBANDBUpdate! episodes (prior to 45) to the libsyn hosting service. Those episodes would not show up in iTunes as it would require a massive amount of re-adding information into the show database. They’d be available for direct download from the Update site.

There’s option 2.

Please vote and post comments.

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