RSBANDBUpdate! 67 – You Can Get a Good Shock!

posted by on 7th October 2006, at 9:57pm

This week we were late because of many things some of which include, Brad’s Hard drive failing, people not being able to get off early enough to do it etc… But it’s here now, better late than never!

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Hosts: Shane, Lance, Matt
Duration: 59:18

Before I list everything we talked about, I want to explain our contest for October. The contest is for Halloween. It’s really quite simple, just put together your scariest costume and send us a screenshot of your Runscape window, you should also say something like “Hi RSBANDBUpdate!” We ask for a full window screenshot so it can not be faked. Once you have your image uploaded to somewhere ( is good) you can PM it to me or Brad on the forums (you do need an account). Oh and you may be wondering what do I win? Well you win the chance to come on RSBANDBUpdate! for one show. We will notify the top 3 winners just in case one can not make it or has technical difficulties at the last minute.

The Notes:

  • Brad is away with a hard drive failure, we hope he’ll be back for next week…
  • Elemental Workshop II quest.
  • October actually looks like an OK month compared to what we’ve seen thus far.
  • New poll: Most people feel that Lunar diplomacy was their favourite quest addition.
  • Lots of listener questions!
  • WSG was reporting that Google was going to buy YouTube for $1.6 Billion, but this is false now.
  • Windows Vista RC2 is out, this is a public release.
  • The allegedly critical hole reported yesterday in Firefox’s JavaScript implementation has turned out to be a hoax.
  • Rants!
  • Remember to fill out the listener survey to the left here, it is 100% anonymous. You do not need to put contact info on the last page.

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