RSBANDBUpdate! 66 – Batteries Run at 0%

posted by on 30th September 2006, at 5:10pm

This week as Brad’s battery runs at 0% we discuss huge selection of tiny changes Jagex put out this week.

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Crysala
Duration: 49:32

  • New area sounds in Runescape
  • The new interface which 2/3 of us aren’t happy with.
  • New skill tutors, strength bonus added to Rune and Addy boots.
  • Interesting teleport in which you sit to read a book and a bank on top of Lumbridge castle!
  • Listener questions
  • Apple is getting annoyed by the use of ‘pod’. According to one podcast management company, Podcast Ready, Apple has been claiming the use of the term infringes on its trademarks.
  • Toshiba is now recalling notebook computers for faulty Sony battery cells.
  • Windows VML exploit. This is now patched, please run Windows Update.
  • The Rants!

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