RSBANDBUpdate! 65 – The Men in White Coats Are Coming to Get Me…

posted by on 22nd September 2006, at 7:31pm

The men in white coats are coming to get me! Maybe Chris as well, but we’ll see. 😉

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Hosts: Shane, Brad, Bogrollbloke
Duration: 49:20

  • Slug Menace quest – it wasn’t our favourite.
  • Shane has a good blog post about events in this quest and why we can’t do our own thing.
  • Duradel no longer gives low combat monsters.
  • Vyrewatch colour fix and extended the fence south of barrows.
  • Some more woodcutting sounds.
  • Updated spinning wheel.
  • Can’t take amoured gloves to entrana now.
  • Runescape Parents Guide
  • Paul Explains Runescript
  • Listener questions ranging from what item will be made to have bronze to runite styles all the way to whether or not it’s the right time to sell those Santa hats!
  • The official Wii site has been unvealed. It’s expected November 19, 2006. It will come with a bundle called Wii sports. It will be reasonably priced too. It will cost $249.99USD
  • Microsoft has launched the Zune in Black, Brown, and White.
  • The torpack hacking group has created a build of Firefox which lets one browse anonymously.
  • The first RSBANDB events will be held this Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we have the Castle Wars games and Drop party. On Sunday is the F2P drop party. (Get the times in the topics, which are linked to.)
  • Strange things happen when you translate a website that is already English to English from French.

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